Monday Morning Memo – Tuesday Evening Edition


Don’t worry dear readers, we haven’t forgotten about you!  With the holiday weekend and getting back into the week our MMM has now become a MMM-TEE. Practical and informative, but not nearly as nice sounding as the original…

Recap of Last Week: Last week we had two VC spotlights, one on Paul Graham and the other on Chris Dixon, and we featured MeetEarnest as our ROTW!

What Lies Ahead: We will keep up with our VC spotlight and ROTW cadence and are working on a few new ideas in the coming weeks that we think you will enjoy!  (Hint: think Term Sheet Madness meets the World Cup…)

Monday Morning Memo

back to normal

The past few weeks have been interesting here at C:V. thanks largely in part to playoff hockey among other items. Have no fear though, now that our beloved Bruins (yes we are from Boston…) are out of the playoffs you can expect C:V. to get back to its normal ways and we are looking to add new content as well!

Recap of Last Week: Last week we had a light week with our Round of the Week on SpoonRocket and our book review on The Hard Thing About Hard Things.

What Lies Ahead: Since we missed it last week, we will have two VC spotlights as well as our ROTW and maybe even another feature post!

Monday Morning Memo

cinco de

Happy Cinco de Mayo from C:V.!  We hope you have a day filled with margaritas and Coronas or at the very least some Mexican inspired food…MMM Below!

Recap of Last Week: Last week we crowned the champion of our Term Sheet Madness competition, had a VC spotlight on “SaaS king” Tomasz Tunguz, and featured as our Round of the Week!

What Lies Ahead: Expect our book review on The Hard Things About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz, a VC spotlight, a Round of the Week, and maybe even a surprise post!

Monday Morning Memo


Big day in Boston today.  Best of luck to all the runners out there!  MMM below, read on!

Recap of Last Week: Last week featured more Term Sheet Madness, Round of the Week on Wefunder (and a nugget on how C:V. began), and our VC spotlight on Redeye’s Josh Kopelman!

What Lies Ahead: We will be finishing out the Term Sheet Madness as well as including our round and spotlight weekly features.  Also be on the lookout for a book review or another valuation in the coming days/weeks!

Monday Morning Memo


The Sun is shining, Bubba has a new jacket, and we got a lot on tap for the week.  All in all a great start to our Monday – read on for our MMM!

Recap of Last Week: We had our VC spotlight on Jeff Bussgang, ROTW on Crittercism (#Critters), and more Term Sheet Madness!

What Lies Ahead: Look for the Term Sheet Madness finals and more spotlights, rounds, and all things you have come to know and love about C:V.!

Monday Morning Memo


Hi-Tech Company revenue graph within the Quarter? Possibly, Yes.  C:V. posting cadence last week? Definitely!

Recap of Last Week:

We had the first regionals in Term Sheet Madness, our first “couple” VC spotlight on Fred and Joanne Wilson, Actifio got round of the week, and we provided some insight into what we consider to be a successful current investment via DocuSign.

What Lies Ahead:

This week we will have a VC Spotlight, Round of the Week, and a lot of Term Sheet Madness!!