VC Spotlight of the Week – Marc Andreessen

As if he needs any introduction, Marc Andreessen is long overdue for our VC Spotlight feature.  The first half of A16Z and a key voice in the innovation economy, Marc is a favorite of ours here at C:V.!

Name: Marc AndreessenMarc-Andreessen_s

Company: Andreessen Horowitz

Blog: (One of our liked blogs!)

Bio: Before A16Z Marc was a co-founder of Opsware with Ben Horowitz. Even before that, and what he is most famous for, Marc created the first widely used web browser Mosaic. More on him here and here!

Miscellaneous/Interesting Facts:  Marc recently penned a few tweets about acquisition valuations that we found fantastic as a lot of value can be created when a company is rolled up into a larger more diversified business regardless of the target’s current business.

2 thoughts on “VC Spotlight of the Week – Marc Andreessen

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