VC Spotlight of the Week – Josh Kopelman

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Josh Kopelman is our first VC to be featured that resides outside the traditional hotbeds, as he lives in Philly.  While it may not be a VC hotbed, Josh’s track record and background should definitely put it on the map.

Name: Josh Kopelmankopelman

Company: First Round Capital

Blog:  Redeye VC (One of our liked blogs!)

Bio: Josh has been a successful founder of many companies over the years (Infonautics,, etc.) and has been awarded eight patents as well.  He has also been an EIR for Comcast. More about him here!

Miscellaneous/Interesting Facts: Josh’s company, First Round Capital, is one of the cooler VCs out there if you ask us.  They have a strong portfolio and are also purveyors of the Dorm Room Fund, one of the first/only student run VCs in the biz.  Very cool to get students involved at an early stage, check it out here! Bonus interview with Josh about Dorm Room Fund below!

Also, if you do not subscribe to their newsletter, the First Round Review, we highly recommend it as it is C:V. required reading!


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