VC Spotlight of the Week – Bijan Sabet

*Editor’s Note: Published a day later than expected due to travel issues here at C:V. HQ but here it is!

Spark Capital’s Bijan Sabet is our VC Spotlight for this week and while he is probably most well-known for leading Spark’s investment in Twitter, he has an even stronger history of successful investments and operating roles at startups.

Name: Bijan Sabet

Company: Spark CapitalBijan_Sabet-b


Bio: Bijan has a B.S. from Boston College (Fulton Hall represent!) and had roles in product and business development at a string of successful startups before joining Spark Capital at its inception in 2005.  Sabet has led many successful investments while at Spark, some of which can be found here!

Miscellaneous/Interesting Facts: Bijan came under some media scrutiny during the release of the Twitter book, Hatching Twitter, due to his alleged involvement in the ousting of then current CEO Jack Dorsey in favor of co-founder Ev Williams. We read the book and feel that Sabet got a bad rap for nothing. Bilton (the author) seemed to over-dramatize the firing of Dorsey to almost Hollywoodesque levels, when in reality management changes like these happen all the time in the startup world.  But, at the end of the day, Bijan helped guide the company along to an extremely impressive return for Spark (and their LPs) which we hope quelled any of the negative media coverage.

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