Round of the Week – Actifio

keep-calm-and-series-e-on-1Another week, another large (albeit later) round at a large valuation.   Boston-based Acitifo raised a $100M Series E at a rumored $1B valuation this week. We know what you are thinking, hey C:V., to quote your favorite YouTube video, “Series E, Oh No” shouldn’t we be worried about this deal?  Based on its funding history and market disruption potential (re: the VMware for Copy Data), we think everyone will be just fine…

Name: Actifio


Funding to Date: $208M (rounds A-E here!)

Deal Notables: “If you ask most corporate CIOs if they have a copy data problem, they’ll say they don’t,” Ashutosh says (CEO of Actifio). “When we then explain what it is, they tell us they’ve spent a ton of money dealing with the problem they just said they didn’t have.” Its quotes like these that we can see why Actifio has so much backing and given they are actively referring it to the same game-changing virtualization technology that VMware pioneered in the early 2000’s, this could be the beginning of a seismic shift in the storage management space. (Props to Dan Primack of Fortune for his article on the round)Actifio

*Editor’s Note:  Speaking of Dan Primack, if you don’t already follow Term Sheet, sign up here.  One of the best daily updates in the biz and C:V. required reading.

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