Updates, Updates, Updates!

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As mentioned in our prior Monday Morning Memo, we have some personal changes upcoming in the Founder and Lead Contributor’s professional life and as such are unsure how much posting will be happening in the next few weeks and months.

We do hope to continue to post on all the topics that you dear readers have come to know and love about C:V. from Rounds of the Week, to VC spotlights, to Book Reviews, to our intense Term Sheet Madness Competiton, to our legendary Valuation World Cup, and everything in between!  We will do our best to continue on with this site as we can and the main benefit of the changes is that the Founder and Lead Contributor will now be located in San Francisco as opposed to Boston, so the startup ecosystem will not be far!

Monday Morning Memo


We haven’t forgotten about you dear readers!  We are in the midst of some professional changes in our working life so please bear with us for the next couple of weeks.

We hope to get the rounds of the week and other cool posts back up and running this week so stay tuned!

Monday Morning Memo


And we’re baaaaaackkkk!!!  C:V. has returned from our annual vacation and we have some cool new things ahead as well as getting back to the special sauce that is all things C:V.

Recap of Week Before Last: We finished out our Valuation World Cup!

What Lies Ahead: We will be getting back to our Round of the Week and expect a new feature post this week on a new spin on valuation!

P.S. We have a new twitter handle – check it out and follow us @CapitalVentured


Monday Evening Memo


Happy Monday!  Due to the Fourth of July weekend we are getting the C:V. MMM out a bit later than normal. Check below to see what happened last week and what you can expect this upcoming week!

Recap of Last Week: Last week we closed out the Group Stages of the Valuation World Cup!  Group C and Group D were featured.

What Lies Ahead: We have a full week of Valuation World Cup ahead!  Expect to see us finish out the tournament to coincide with the Finals this weekend!  We will also have some news upcoming about the future of the site and some planned downtime (re: vacation). Stay tuned!

Monday Morning Memo


We still believe! Tough draw last night but 538 still gives us a 76% chance to advance.  In other news, MMM below!

Recap of Last Week: Last week we continued our Valuation World Cup (OverviewGroup CGroup D) and SpotlightTMS was our Round of the Week!

What Lies Ahead: We will be finishing up group play this week in our Valuation World Cup and announcing the knockout round pairings.  Also expect a Round of the Week.  In other notes, we have moved away from a weekly VC spotlight and will now do them periodically as we find cool/fun people to feature!

Monday Morning Memo


World Cup week is here! Kick it off right with a MMM!

Recap of Last Week: Last week we featured Bilal Zuberi as our VC Spotlight, SAVO won our Round of the Week, and we had an event review on Fort Point Tech Nights!

What Lies Ahead: This week we will continue with our VC spotlight, Round of the Week, and we will reveal our next competition series of posts.  Think Term Sheet Madness with a World Cup twist!