VC Spotlight of the Week – Fred and Joanne Wilson

We are all about firsts here at C:V., our first post, our first Page View milestone, and today we have our first dual VC spotlight of Fred and Joanne Wilson.  Both are VC’s (Fred at USV, and Joanne as more of the Angel variety) and are active bloggers on a variety of topics.

Name: Fred and Joanne Wilsonfjw

Company: Union Square Ventures

Blog:  Fred: AVC Joanne: GothamGal

Bio: Fred has a varied background with degrees from MIT and Wharton and is a co-founder of USV as well as Flatiron Partners.  According to her about page, Joanne seems to have had about 10,000 roles/jobs (power couple status!) and is active in many ventures at this time.

Miscellaneous/Interesting Facts: Besides being our first VC couple to share the spotlight honor (we can only imagine what dinner conversation is like at the Wilson home…), Fred was also featured in Hatching Twitter which we will be reviewing soon!

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