About Me

Who am I? Kevin Higgins

I began this blog as a way to write about my passion for startups, venture capital and finance.  I plan to update this periodically with posts and thoughts of my own and my ramblings here in no way reflect the views of my current employer (#disclaimer).

My professional background is split between 4 years in Corporate Finance at EMC Corporation (and their family of companies) in Boston and the past 3+ years split between a valuation and product management role in the Venture ecosystem at Silicon Valley Bank in San Francisco.

During my time at SVB, I have been very fortunate to work with some of the most interesting companies in all of Venture. I have worked with companies from their seed phase all the way through companies nearing an IPO. I covered predominantly Consumer focused companies (Brands, eCommerce, future of retail, marketplaces, On-Demand, etc.) but was also exposed to SaaS, FinTech, IOT, and other sectors. As a result, I have had an amazing viewpoint into the amazing world that is Venture!

I went to Providence College as an undergrad (#GoFriars!) and I completed a M.S. in Finance at Boston College.   I grew up in the Boston area but currently reside in San Francisco.

I am always interested in meeting other founders, investors, and anyone interested in entrepreneurship! Reach out to me on LinkedIn


Me at the “Secret Beach” in Lofoten, Norway (wayyyy north.  Google Lofoten and you see just how far north this awesome place is)

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