VC Spotlight of the Week – Tomasz Tunguz

Rob Stark : King of the North :: Tomasz Tunguz : King of SaaS?

Rob Stark : King of the North :: Tomasz Tunguz : King of SaaS Blogs?

This week’s VC spotlight goes to our newest “Liked Blog” member, Tomasz Tunguz.  Tomasz is a partner at Redpoint and an avid blogger on SaaS metrics. In addition to his SaaS-focused posts, he is one of the most data driven bloggers we have seen yet.  We are big fans of data driven analysis here at C:V so this selection was a no-brainer!

Name: Tomasz Tunguzttunguz

Company: Redpoint Ventures

Blog: ex post facto (One of our liked blogs!)

Bio: Prior to Redpoint, Tomasz was a Product Manager at Google and a co-founder of a billing and document management company for law firms in Chile. He studied at Dartmouth.  Full details can be found here!

Miscellaneous/Interesting Facts:  One of his more recent blog posts was on the BOX S-1 filing and we found his analysis rather informative and intriguing.  We really enjoyed his breakdown of Average Customer Value (ACV) because we here at C:V. still consider BOX to be a consumer/SMB oriented product and while they are making a shift into the enterprise, Tomasz’s analysis proves they still have a lot of ground to gain.