VC Spotlight of the Week – Ben Horowitz

It only made sense to use Ben as our inaugural VC of the Week seeing that we took a page right out of his playbook in our first ever post (we also like rap lyrics!).  It also helps that he is really good at what he does and is the 2nd half of arguably one of the most recognizable VC names out there…bhorowitz2

Name: Ben Horowitz

Company: Andreessen Horowitz

Blog: (One of our liked blogs!)

Bio: Ben was co-founder of Enterprise Software company Opsware which was acquired by HP for 1.6B in 2007.  He then co-founded Andreessen Horowitz which has responsible for investments in many of the hottest deals of the past few years such as Skype, Airbnb, and Box. Full details on Ben can be found here and here.

Miscellaneous/Interesting Facts:  Ben recently declared all proceeds from his book The Hard Thing About Hard Things will go towards the American Jewish World Service to support their efforts for Women’s rights.

*Editor’s note:  Ben if you are reading this: 1) Welcome! 2)We tried messaging you on Twitter to let you know ahead of time we would be featuring you but apparently you do not get DM’s (probably for this exact purpose… well that and the whole twitter-verse spamming you with their Billion dollar business plans that have already “achieved” Product-Market Fit…). 3)  As soon as The Hard Things about Hard Things is available for download on Audible we will be listening and subsequently Book Reviewing it!

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