Round of the Week – Deja View Concepts

Coming to a ski resort near you?

Coming to a ski resort near you?

Roller Coaster Photo meets Ski Resort?  If Deja View Concepts and their $900K funding have anything to say about it, this will become commonplace.  Their Paparazzi Pass app allows you to track and record your movements on the slopes and then you can view the video playback later.  They also specialize in mPOS security tracking systems for retailers.

Name: Deja View Concepts, Inc.


Funding to Date: ~$1.45M ($900K Equity, $550K Debt)

Deal Notables: Gotta wonder how GoPro feels about this… Think of how many people cruise the slopes GoPro in hand only to get average-at-best video of them chest/head-level going down a mountain. Obviously its in its early stages, but add in some properly placed cameras and editing components and we would take Paparazzi Pass over GoPro any day!