Valuation World Cup: Semifinal 2 – Attach Rate advances!

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The semifinals conclude in excellent fashion!


Group A Winner (Adjusting the Average) vs. Group D Winner (Acquisition Value (Attach Rate))


The powerhouse of Acquisition Value (Attach Rate) versus the tactician’s dream of Adjusting the Average was an excellent match.  Both teams used their ability to holistically view an opportunity from the start and scored early.  The game continued to be evenly matched up until the half, but Adjusting the Average made a few unusual errors that ended up costing them the game.

Usually a bedrock of both relevant talent mixed with strong subjective game management from the coaching staff, Adjusting the Average’s head coach made a questionable defensive substitution in the 65′ (we hear this is now called “Van Gaal-ing”…) This allowed Acquisition Value (Attach Rate) to change its formation and exploit the weakened back line similar to the way they dismiss current market valuations for the proper target company and find valuable deals that fit their company’s specific ecosystem.


Adjusting the Average 1 – 3 Acquisition Value (Attach Rate)

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