Valuation World Cup: Quarterfinal 4 – MAU Goes Down!

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Day two of the Quarterfinals continues!


Group C Runner Up (EV/MAU) vs. Group D Winner (Acquisition Value (Attach Rate))


The potential to be a Jekyll and Hyde team that has plagued EV/MAU all through qualifying finally reared its ugly head in the matchup against Acquisition Value (Attach Rate).  EV/MAU were simply outclassed on all fronts by Acquisition Value (Attach Rate)’s ability to holistically value an opportunity.  EV/MAU demonstrated strong user growth in the opening minutes but could not sustain the traction and growth needed to compete with the stronger side that was Acquisition Value (Attach Rate).  The game ended in a route similar to Germany’s embarrassment of Brazil in Belo Horizonte today…


Acquisition Value (Attach Rate) 6 : 0 EV/MAU


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