Round of the Week – SpotlightTMS

SpotlightTMS is looking to become the box office for all corporate tickets and events.  Their $6M Series A will help them continue down that path.  Their software helps companies manage their ticket distribution and measures ROI on the events.  Pretty neat niche to disrupt if you ask us! (well, not really a niche seeing that it’s a $20B market…)

Name: SpotlightTMS


Funding to Date: $8.5M ($2.5M Seed, $6M Series A)

Deal Notables: The company’s typical client spends about $3,350 a year to use Spotlight. But its largest clients are paying over $500,000 a year to manage their tickets and other assets through the Spotlight system.”  Those are some pretty far-ranging LCV’s if you ask us! We have a feeling they are all over their customer/business metrics but who knows, maybe the should check out our Valuation World Cup for some additional ideas (and you should too)!

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