The Changing State of Retail and eCommerce

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In honor of Amazon Prime Day, I thought it would be fitting to dust off the blog and shed some light on the state of consumer and retail from my viewpoint.

It’s no secret that retail as we know it has underwent some drastic changes the past few years.  Online shopping, Amazon winning on convenience and delivery, Stitch Fix pioneering data science + fashion, the direct to consumer movement, the rise of Instagram and other media platforms combined with heavy discounting and a race to the bottom for the retailers has led to record store closings and bankruptcies.

Speaking of Instagram, Kylie is out here valued at $900M and here I am trying to get 25 likes per post…

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Jokes aside, I put together a few slides on this phenomenon and a few of the key metrics and a framework I used to evaluate companies in this space.  I may do a deeper dive into some of the metrics and what patterns and indicators for success look like at a later post.


Back at it


Greetings C:V. fam!

After a 3 year hiatus from C:V., I have decided to pick this back up again.  Excited to write again but the format will be a lot different than the #UnicornHunter days.  It will be a lot less structured but I plan to write periodically about key news items, fundings and/or other Venture related things that pique my interest.

Stay tuned!


Updates, Updates, Updates!

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As mentioned in our prior Monday Morning Memo, we have some personal changes upcoming in the Founder and Lead Contributor’s professional life and as such are unsure how much posting will be happening in the next few weeks and months.

We do hope to continue to post on all the topics that you dear readers have come to know and love about C:V. from Rounds of the Week, to VC spotlights, to Book Reviews, to our intense Term Sheet Madness Competiton, to our legendary Valuation World Cup, and everything in between!  We will do our best to continue on with this site as we can and the main benefit of the changes is that the Founder and Lead Contributor will now be located in San Francisco as opposed to Boston, so the startup ecosystem will not be far!

Monday Morning Memo


We haven’t forgotten about you dear readers!  We are in the midst of some professional changes in our working life so please bear with us for the next couple of weeks.

We hope to get the rounds of the week and other cool posts back up and running this week so stay tuned!

Round of the Week – Sport Ngin


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You may be wondering why there are two shovels in the photo above, and the answer isn’t that us here at C:V. have lost our minds, it is actually the US Pond Hockey Championships in Minneapolis and Sport Ngin who has been selected for our Round of the Week is the lead sponsor.  Now why would we include this little tidbit of information in our feature about a rather intriguing software company that has just raised a $25M Series D round that was recently expanded to $29M to expand their presence in the sports website and tournament/league software business?  More on that in the notables section below…

Name: Sport Ngin


Funding to Date: $39M ($0.7M A, $3.5M B, $6M C, $29M D)

Deal Notables: Sport Ngin is a Minnesota based company and are also the main sponsor of quite possibly the best Pond Hockey tournament in the nation, the US Pond Hockey Championships.  Completely non-deal related, but C:V.’s fearless leader actually participated in this awesome tournament last year (and also took the photo of the shovels) so when we saw the funding we knew we had to post it….