Valuation World Cup: Quarterfinal 2 – Financial Powerhouse Upset!

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Knockout round play continues!


Group A Winner (Adjusting the Average) vs. Group B Runner Up (EV/EBITDA)


While superpowers march headfirst into one another in the World Cup, here at C:V in the Valuation World Cup we love an underdog. Adjusting the Average pulled out to an early 1-0 lead. After all, they were our group stage Angel winner and are situated nicely for pre-revenue, let alone pre-earnings, companies. Late in the second half, early favorite EV/EBITDA finally clicked and looked to have that late-round prowess, but never could find an equalizer. That push left little doubt that, had this game gone into extra time (or gone public), they would have moved forward… but too little, too late for this competition. This matchup draws comparison to Germany’s parked bus after a 13’ goal against the French. Plenty of Benzem-ian efforts for EV/EBITDA, but like him, they will be watching the semis from their couches.


EV/EBITDA 0-1 Adjusting the Average

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