Round of the Week – Deja View Concepts

Coming to a ski resort near you?

Coming to a ski resort near you?

Roller Coaster Photo meets Ski Resort?  If Deja View Concepts and their $900K funding have anything to say about it, this will become commonplace.  Their Paparazzi Pass app allows you to track and record your movements on the slopes and then you can view the video playback later.  They also specialize in mPOS security tracking systems for retailers.

Name: Deja View Concepts, Inc.


Funding to Date: ~$1.45M ($900K Equity, $550K Debt)

Deal Notables: Gotta wonder how GoPro feels about this… Think of how many people cruise the slopes GoPro in hand only to get average-at-best video of them chest/head-level going down a mountain. Obviously its in its early stages, but add in some properly placed cameras and editing components and we would take Paparazzi Pass over GoPro any day!

Monday Morning Memo

cinco de

Happy Cinco de Mayo from C:V.!  We hope you have a day filled with margaritas and Coronas or at the very least some Mexican inspired food…MMM Below!

Recap of Last Week: Last week we crowned the champion of our Term Sheet Madness competition, had a VC spotlight on “SaaS king” Tomasz Tunguz, and featured as our Round of the Week!

What Lies Ahead: Expect our book review on The Hard Things About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz, a VC spotlight, a Round of the Week, and maybe even a surprise post!

Round of the Week –

cold call

The cold call is dead!  Well, that is what sales acceleration company is attempting to prove and their latest $100M funding will give them quite the arsenal to do so.  This is not your typical “big data” cloud platform because in addition to providing a lot of sales features, it also uses predictive analytics and machine learning to provide insight that adapts to your business. Given how large the Inside Sales market is, we could easily see this company being a massive disruptor in the space in the next few years.  We here at C:V. will be following them along their journey for sure!



Funding to Date: $143M ($4M Seed, $4M A, $35M B, $100M C)

Deal Notables: You know you have something good going when you have the ability to turn down over 10 term sheets and $200M in additional funding…

VC Spotlight of the Week – Tomasz Tunguz

Rob Stark : King of the North :: Tomasz Tunguz : King of SaaS?

Rob Stark : King of the North :: Tomasz Tunguz : King of SaaS Blogs?

This week’s VC spotlight goes to our newest “Liked Blog” member, Tomasz Tunguz.  Tomasz is a partner at Redpoint and an avid blogger on SaaS metrics. In addition to his SaaS-focused posts, he is one of the most data driven bloggers we have seen yet.  We are big fans of data driven analysis here at C:V so this selection was a no-brainer!

Name: Tomasz Tunguzttunguz

Company: Redpoint Ventures

Blog: ex post facto (One of our liked blogs!)

Bio: Prior to Redpoint, Tomasz was a Product Manager at Google and a co-founder of a billing and document management company for law firms in Chile. He studied at Dartmouth.  Full details can be found here!

Miscellaneous/Interesting Facts:  One of his more recent blog posts was on the BOX S-1 filing and we found his analysis rather informative and intriguing.  We really enjoyed his breakdown of Average Customer Value (ACV) because we here at C:V. still consider BOX to be a consumer/SMB oriented product and while they are making a shift into the enterprise, Tomasz’s analysis proves they still have a lot of ground to gain.