Round of the Week – Wefunder


One of the upstarts in the crowdinvesting space, Wefunder has reportedly raised a $500K round this week.  Similar to the AngelLists of the world, Wefunder is a crowdinvesting platform that allows almost anyone to invest in promising companies.  What type of companies you ask?  Well, you have your run of the mill tech/hardware startups and then there’s the Flying Cars company.  Seriously, one of the most successfully funded projects to date for them is Terrafugia, a flying car startup with $30M in preorders to boot.

Name: Wefunder


Funding to Date: ~$1.1M ($530K Seed, $500K A?)

Deal Notables: Not so much deal related, but C:V. has a storied history with Wefunder.  Some of our early inspiration for creating C:V. stemmed from an email chain between colleagues where we would evaluate and value selected Wefunder startups. We would pick a company and do a rundown on their market size, management team, and product offering to determine whether or not we saw the opportunity as viable for investment.  VC nerds gonna VC nerd…